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Top to Toe wash and Moisturise Me cream. Aren't they dinky?

Top to Toe wash and Moisturise Me cream. Aren’t they dinky?

HAVING a child with eczema is a pain in the hoop. There’s really no other word for it. You just look at their scabby scaly little faces – half baby, half lizard – and die a little inside. And of course, it’s even more of a pain in the hoop for them. The poor craythurs.

Eczema is an inflammatory skin disease where the skin becomes dry, red, itchy, scaly and can even bleed and crust over. It can be mild or severe and can come and go in cycles, flaring up at different times. Often children grow out of it, but many have the condition for life.

When our son Seán was four months old he suddenly broke out in this nasty rash in the creases of his arms and legs and on his stomach. It got redder and itchier and spread all over him. At times we were convinced he was the baby from V, he was that scaly.

Ok, maybe a slight exaggeration. He wasn't this bad, but fairly close!

Ok, maybe a slight exaggeration. He wasn’t this bad, but fairly close!

Luckily he wasn’t that bothered by it, though at times he did scratch enough to make the creases in his arms particularly, bleed. We couldn’t let that go on, so legged it to the local chemist and supermarket and picked up the usual over the counter products to try to calm the rash.

Nu-uh. Nothing worked.

We went to the doctor who prescribed a whole hape of creams and a rigorous hourly creaming schedule, but unfortunately that didn’t work either.

A plea for help on Facebook and Twitter was the breakthrough – natural products. We needed to steer clear of anything with chemicals and use more natural oils and creams and thankfully that did eventually work, reducing Seán’s rash considerably.

So when I heard about the skincare company Hannah & Hugh and their new natural skincare range suitable for all the family from new borns up, I jumped at the chance to give it a go, to help keep my Lizard Baby’s skin in tip top condition. We’ve been using the products now for around three weeks and below is my verdict, in a little question and answer session with myself. Shut up! It’s not that weird!

Amen brothers and sisters! A lovely natural cream all for me!

Amen brothers and sisters! A lovely natural cream all for me!

What is this range all about:

Hannah & Hugh products are formulated free from SLS, parabens, petrochemicals, PEGS, phthalates, mineral oils and artificial fragrance and colours. They are suitable for vegetarians and most are vegan friendly.

There are currently three products in the range especially for babies – the Bum Bum Baby Nappy Balm, the Top to Toe Baby Hair and Body Wash and the Moisturise Me Rosehip and Calendula Baby Cream.

All are beautifully presented in sturdy bottles and jars, decorated with the Hannah & Hugh logo and sweet little icons of rocking horses and baby rattles. They’re gender neutral and would be just gorgeous for a present for a new Mam.

What did you think of the range:

We tried the hair and body wash and the baby cream and really loved both. Both come in generous 200 ml containers and smell really clean and natural.

The hair and body wash, with oat seed extract and chamomile, cleaned away all traces of Spaghetti Bolognese and other foodstuffs which Seán had mashed into himself during the day and left him nicely relaxed and smelling divine.

The Moisturise Me cream was thick and creamy but absorbed really easily into the skin and didn’t feel greasy. It got to work on his patches of eczema but also left the rest of his skin SUPER silky soft and velvety and also smelled lovely.

This is very interesting altogether Mam ...

This is very interesting altogether Mam …

Mmmmm tasty!

Mmmmm tasty!













Did the products help with Seán’s eczema:

Yes, they really did. Luckily his skin has never been as bad as when he was first diagnosed at four months old, but now at 15 months old he regularly has flare ups, particularly on his right leg. Just before I started using the H&H products he cut some teeth, had a vaccination and we also had a bit of a heatwave so naturally his skin reacted to all three by flaring up again.

Within a few days of using the products, particularly the Moisturise Me cream, the creases of his arms became less red and eventually the rash there disappeared. The rash on his left leg went from all over his leg to just a tiny patch behind his knee within a couple of weeks. His right leg is still bad, but the redness and dryness and scaliness has definitely reduced.

His right leg has always been the worst, but this was much much redder and more pronounced so it's deffo on the way out.

His right leg has always been the worst, but this was much much redder and more pronounced so it’s deffo on the way out.

This whole area was bright red, scaly and dry. Now is clear and smooth.

This whole area was bright red, scaly and dry. Now is clear and smooth.

This little red patch is all that's left of the rash behind his knee, it was all up the back of his thigh.

This little red patch is all that’s left of the rash behind his knee, it was all up the back of his thigh.


Would you recommend to a friend:

Indeed’n I would! In fact I’m shouting it from the rooftops now so I am. I’m very impressed with these Hannah and Hugh products, they’re lovely on Seán’s skin, have reduced his rash, are good value for money and look gorgeous into the bargain. What’s not to like?

Any downsides?

Only one! Hannah and Hugh are only available in the UK at the moment, though you can buy online on their website of course and they ship to Ireland. I just like to be able to pick up my lotions and potions during my supermarket shop, so I can smell and test them, but sure that’s only a minor thing. I’m sure it won’t be long before H&H is available on shelves here.

Overall rating:

I give Hannah and Hugh a big thumbs up, ten out of ten, a gold star … ah you get the jist.

Find out more about Hannah and Hugh on their website where there is a full list of ingredients as well as prices and an online shopping facility.


DISCLOSURE: These products were gifted to me for review purposes. All opinions are honest and my own.

The Cleanse Off Mitt

The Cleanse Off Mitt

I’M mad late to the party on this one, like that permanently late friend we all have who turns up days late to everything huffing about the traffic.

But anyway I’m here now (that M50, bane of my life) so let’s talk about the Cleanse Off Mitt – the cloth that claims to remove all make-up with just water.

I’d heard about this but was skeptical about the claims – make up needs something to remove it, I thought, water just won’t cut it.

Well, does anyone have a hat I could eat, because I was wrong.

I gave it a go last night with a full face of make-up, saturating the soft blue microfiber cloth in warm water as per the instructions and then wiping it over my face.

The cloth immediately became dirty with foundation removing every scrap. I rinsed it between sections of my face and more and more make-up came off.

All my foundation came off using the mitt

All my foundation came off using the mitt

It removed every scrap of mascara

It removed every scrap of mascara













I then wiped it gently over my eyes and piles of eye-shadow and mascara came off.

Determined to experiment fully, when I was finished cleaning my face I lashed a splash of Micellar water onto a couple of cotton pads and wiped them over my face, looking for any last vestiges of make-up or mascara. I was sure there’d be some, so unconvinced was I that the mitt would work. The cotton pads were clean, there was no make-up left on my face. The mitt had removed everything as you can see from these pictures.

No foundation here!

No foundation here!

Not a scrap of mascara left

Not a scrap of mascara left












Colour me impressed!

I’m wondering long term though if my skin would miss the nourishing that a cleanser brings – my usual cleanser has lovely cocoa butter and eucalyptus oil which leave the skin super soft and radiant which I’m very reluctant to give up. Over time I’m wondering if the mitt would be a bit drying.

Clean as a whistle!

Clean as a whistle!

But that remains to be seen, I suppose. For now I’ll certainly use it as part of my routine, probably in the mornings to freshen up and clean my skin after my night’s sleep. And for those lazy days where I can’t be arsed faffing about with cleanser and cotton wool, this mitt will be top of my list. I know one thing anyway, I’ll never use a facewipe again!

Available online from Beauty Emporium, the mitt is currently priced at €3.50.


**Product provided for review purposes.