First a wedding dress, then a maternity dress, now I'm just trying to fit into ANY dress.

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THE following things have annoyed me today:

The Luas terminating at the Red Cow stop due to ‘engineering works’ meaning I had to take a bus from the Red Cow to Tallaght which took about 35 minutes and went on a tour of Tallaght. Something I can always do without.

The teenagers ON the Luas bus who had her school bag resting on the last remaining seat and steadfastly refused to move it. Even when I loudly said ‘sorry’ and did that raised eyebrowed head nod meaning ‘move your fucking bag’. Even when I SAT on her fucking bag. Meaning I spent 35 minutes clinging on to the side of the seat with my butt cheek.

The man on bus number one on the way home who sat opposite me reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and systematically excavating his nose. And then eating it.  Vom.

The two students sitting in front of me on bus number two on the way home debating the merits of pronouncing it tom-ay-to or tom-ah-to. Sigh. I hate her cos she was loud and said ‘like’ a lot and I hate him because he was 19 yet had a Luke Kelly beard. There’s just no reason for it, I’ve nothing against Luke Kelly but seriously man you’re 19, lose the beard, you look like a gobshite.

The woman in Tesco in front of me who waited until her transaction was put through before asking for a plastic bag and THEN decided to take a phonecall without packing her bloody bag! I’m waiting here! Am I invisible? Seriously, can you not see me? Can you not see my pathetic pile of salad and creme fraiche and nail polish remover balancing dangerously on the side of the till while you stand there YAPPING ?! Pack your bag and move on!

The person, who shall remain nameless, who said the wedding dress that I fell in love with the other day looked cheap and tacky. There are no words.

Do you know what lads? I almost feel better!