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Me, aged five years. The last time I won anything.

Me, aged five years. The last time I won anything.

WHEN I was five years old, I came second in the Miss Junior Cherry Orchard pageant. I won a stuffed parrot.

I was supposed to come first, but word on the street had it that because my sister had won Miss Senior Cherry Orchard the night before, they didn’t think it was fair to give a second crown to the same family.

So, instead, a six month old baby got the crown and the trophy, and I came second and won the bloody parrot.

Over the years though I’ve been glad of that parrot as it’s been pretty much the only thing I’ve ever won in my whole life.

Sure, I’ve won a few giveaways, a CD here and there, some bits and pieces of nice make-up, but awards and trophies have been sparse. Very, VERY sparse.

Until last weekend. Reader, after 30 years I broke my losing streak and only went and won the Best Blog Post award at last weekend’s Blog Awards Ireland event! Can you believe it? Because I couldn’t!

Best Blog Post award

Best Blog Post award

I wasn’t able to make the awards themselves (bloody Crohn’s, more on that another time) but holed up on the sofa with my laptop and Twitter, watching the awards hashtag like a hawk.

They started announcing winners around 8pm, but Best Blog Post wasn’t announced until close to midnight, so it was a long evening. I think the ‘refresh’ button on my laptop is broken. Tense was not the word.

I was psychotic.

I hadn’t expected to win. At all. But when it came down to it, I wanted to. I really, REALLY wanted to win. I was up against some serious talent, not least, two colleagues from the Irish Parenting Bloggers group that I’m a member of so I genuinely didn’t think that it would be me. But I hoped it would be.

I’ll admit that as well as biting the fingernails off myself, I also sent a prayer up to my Dad, asking for him to put a word in with the Big Guy for a little help.

I’m not so great with the prayers, so it was along the lines of ‘Dad, if you do this for me, I won’t ever tell Mam about the time you fell into a bush when you were locked and made me carry you home.’ It might not have been the most poetic of prayers, but hey, it worked!

Award blog me smilingAward blog me kissing










Some friends who were at the ceremony said when my name was called out that a ‘massive cheer’ went up, which is so flattering and so lovely. I was just beyond excited to have won and so grateful.

You might remember that the first round of the competition was a public vote, so in order to even get to the judging rounds I had to get enough votes to get into the top ten, so thank you to all of you who voted for me. It meant so much.

I’m still on a high after it all and still receiving messages of congratulations and it’s all so lovely. Thanks to you all, I couldn’t have done it without you.

Big congratulations also to all the finalists and all the winners on the night too, all well deserved.

Award blog on bookcase

Award blog on bookcase close up

To end then on a serious note: I won this award because of a blog post I wrote about post natal depression. In it I said that depression is as real as a broken leg or an asthma attack. That’s still true. No matter how many times you hear that you should just ‘snap out of it’ or how many times you’re asked ‘what have you got to be depressed about?’ remember, depression is a real illness that deserves real treatment. Please, don’t suffer in silence.

Thanks again for all the votes, support and kind messages. I’m only delirah!

Awards banner

I’M so chuffed to announce today that I’ve been nominated in the Blog Awards Ireland ‘Best Blog Post’ category for a post I wrote about post natal depression.

I had no idea I had been nominated until I received an email to say I had been, and I didn’t know for which post until this morning when the Longlist was released. And boy, is it a long list!

There are loads of brilliant blogs and posts in the running for this and I’m so so happy to be among them. I’m also so happy that it is that particular post I was nominated for. It’s a post that means a lot to me.

It was written as a visceral response to an interview with the journalist John Waters which I read in the Sunday Independent where he said he didn’t believe in depression, that the condition was ‘made up’. I was hopping mad, I couldn’t sit still and the words just poured out of me.

I couldn’t let that go, I couldn’t sit and read that article and do nothing. Depression does exist, it’s very real and it affects millions of people very day. So it means so much to me that it was deemed worthy of a nomination.

The way the Best Blog Post category works is that there is a two week ‘public voting’ section where the long list will be whittled down to ten finalists. After that then, the ten finalists will be judged by a panel of judges and the winner announced at the awards ceremony in October.

This is where the shameless plug comes in – I’d love it if you could vote for me to be a finalist. All you have to do is follow this link and click on the little circle beside Beating Myself Into A Dress and then click Vote. That’s it! Ah sure go on, what else would you be doing of a Friday afternoon? And if you don’t vote for me, well, I’ll just have to get Mammy Dunne after you and she’s a whizz with the oul wooden spoon so she is.

Thank you in advance for your vote and for your support and most of all for reading the blog. I appreciate it so much.