First a wedding dress, then a maternity dress, now I'm just trying to fit into ANY dress.

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Hi-de-hi Campers! I’m taking part in a linky this week with the lovely Sinéad over at Bumbles of Rice, all about make-up and how to look human on just three hours sleep.

As any parent will know, when you’ve a mini human to look after, you sometimes get very little sleep, but always have to get up the next day and try to drag yourself around looking normal.

Enter make-up.

It doesn’t have to be a lot of make-up now, but I have to say when a certain SOMEONE’S back molars have had you up half the night squirting Nurofen into an unwilling mouth, a little foundation can go a long way.

I went through a phase after having The Beast where I wore no make-up at all and frankly, who can blame me, newborns are hard work. But then he got a little older and I started to miss dolling myself up and not having eyes that looked like piss holes in the snow, so I set about reinventing myself and dressing up every single day in a dress with heels and piles of make up. I blogged about it here, it was my Keeping up with The Selfridges Challenge and I absolutely LOVED it, I really did. It gave me a huge boost, but in the end it just wasn’t sustainable.

The constant hair and nails and tights and dresses and always having to have an ‘outfit’ to hand, plus lots and lots of makeup (including gel liner, eye liner, lip liner, bronzer, highlighter) just wasn’t me, I wasn’t able for it long term.

But, I like to look nice, so instead of dropping it entirely, I pared it back to a nice little routine, that makes me look less dead when I’m dragging myself around the playground.





I settled for jeans, ballet flats, a nice top and a statement necklace as a general ‘look’ that works for the playground, but is also smart enough if I’ve to go anywhere and meet real adults. I had hoped to be able to get away with wearing tracksuits for a long time but tracksuits just don’t suit me. I know plenty of women who look perfectly neat and put together and casual in tracksuits but for some reason I always look like I’ve escaped from somewhere when I wear one, so I nixxed that idea.

Then I went for a light foundation, bit of mascara, some blush and a lipgloss for my face. Obviously I don’t get to do this every day, sometimes I’m lucky to just get to wash my face, but I aim to stick on a bit of a face a few times a week.

So for your viewing pleasure, I made a little vlog (HARK AT ME USING THE JARGON LIKE THE YOUNG PEOPLE) about the products I use on my face. Stop laughing! It’s my first one. So ignore the fact that I spent most of it looking at my feet instead of at the camera and that I badly – BADLY – need to get my teeth cleaned. Enjoy!

Thanks to Sinéad for the linky, head on over to her now and read the other contributions which should be up in the coming week.