Claudi & Fin lollies available in Ireland now

Claudi & Fin lollies available in Ireland now

A WHILE ago The Beast decided that he wasn’t going to eat any dairy anymore. Apart from cheese, which he adores, he went on an all out strike.

Any time I introduced anything with yogurt, cream, milk, he looked at me like it was weapons grade plutonium and point blank refused to even entertain it.

I wasn’t overly worried as he has a balanced diet and I add milk to things like scrambled eggs, baking, soups, curries, plus all the cheese so I didn’t think too much about it and let it go.

But from a handiness point of view I missed it. It’s so handy to throw a yogurt into a bag when you’re heading off for the day, or to lob a dollop of cream into a pan of pasta, and hey pretso, dinner. But The Beast would just give me a look that clearly said ‘I have spoken’ so that was that.

However when I was approached by Claudi & Fin – newly launching their brand of frozen yogurt lollies into Ireland this week – and asked to review their product, I jumped at the chance to sample their wares, thinking that this might be a way to reintroduce an element of dairy.

And yeah, I also wanted to eat them myself, enormous heifer that I am. So, to the review.

The Pitch:

Claudi & Fin lollies are the brainchild of UK businesswomen Lucy Woodhouse and Meriel Kehoe who were looking for a tasty treat to give their kids (after whom the lollies are named) every now and again but couldn’t find anything in the shops that wasn’t full of junk.

So they bought up a load of fruit and yogurt, got their blenders out and made their own. And as the saying goes the rest is history.

The Product:

The frozen lollies come in strawberry and mango flavour and contain full fat Greek style yogurt, full fat whole milk and fruit puree and some sugar. They come in box of four and are presented in a gorgeous sweet little box with an illustration of the lollies on the front. I’ve doled out loads of these lollies to pals to try and EVERYONE has commented on the packaging, it’s really lovely.

Nutritional information

Nutritional information

The first thing I did when I received my samples of the lollies is check the ingredients and was happy to see a short list of ingredients with no artificial ingredients, no sweeteners and no E numbers or junk. The lollies also contain 30 per cent of your RDA of Vitamin D, something Irish children can be lacking in, so that was all good.

Cautiously, as if disarming a bomb, I unwrapped a strawberry lolly for The Beast and handed it to him.

“Look! Lolly! On a stick!” I gurned, with a demented encouraging face on me. Silently thinking ‘Eat the lolly eat the lolly eat the lolly.’

Cautiously, he examined the lolly, suspiciously glancing up at my rictus face. Achingly slowly he picked it up and even more slowly he brought it to his mouth and took a first lick …

The Verdict:

Well, see for yourself.

Can't get it in fast enough now

Can’t get it in fast enough now

First taste!

First taste!

Mmmmm these are nice!

Mmmmm these are nice!



HE LIKED THEM! It took a while, he’s not used to food on a stick, but before long he was licking with gusto and even grabbing the lolly with his other hand and licking it off his fingers. Success! He didn’t finish his, it was a bit too big for him, but he really enjoyed the amount he ate.

I really liked them too, as did Yer Man. Creamy, fruity and not too sweet, they’re delicious. Both flavours are lovely but the mango one tastes like a Solero and is very very moreish.

I gave some to my neighbour for her four boys and she reports a very enthusiastic two thumbs up, with the boys demanding to try both flavours one after the other, just to make sure that they were nice. Research, you see!

My other pal reported happy children too, with her little man liking the “ellow” ones best!


Overall, I’m very impressed with Claudi & Fin lollies. They are, of course, a treat and not something you’d give after every single meal, but as an occasional snack they’re perfect. I’m sure some of you are thinking that you could whizz some up in your blenders yourselves rather than buying them, and you’re quite right. You could. The question is though, could you be arsed? For the convenience of being able to pick these up in the shops and having all the work done for you, not to mention not having to clean out the bloody blender, these can’t be beat. So Claudi & Fin, I salute you, it’s a very definite ten out of ten from me.

Claudi & Fin lollies are now available in Ireland in Centra and SuperValu stores and are priced €3.50 for a box of four. Visit for more.



Disclosure: I was approached by Claudi and Fin to sample and review these lollies. I was sent samples free of charge. However I was not paid for this post, and all opinions are my own and an honest and accurate reflection of my thoughts on the product.