AS I type there are eight hours left to vote for the Best Blog Post award in the Blog Awards Ireland event happening in October.

My nerves are in shreds. SHREDS!

I initially thought the public voting section ended after two weeks, but turns out I had misread and in fact it was destined to go on for weeks and weeks.

Months, even.


Ok, so not years, but at times it felt like years.

It’s so hard to constantly ask for votes, it really is. The first couple of times were grand as people were excited for me and wishing me well, but after that I felt like one of those annoying cold callers who try to persuade you to sign up to things at the door.

Manic, over enthusiastic and in your face.

It was horrible. HORRIBLE.

I persisted however because I’m proud of the post that has been nominated and I know it deserves to be in the top ten and in the finals. I almost lost my nerve a few times, but got back on the saddle and begged, pleaded and downright cried for votes like the emotional blackmailer that I am.

Now, it’s finally almost over, thanks to the baby Jesus and all the Saints and it really is the final countdown. Voting closes at midnight tonight, Friday, September 19, and I’d really appreciate it if you could throw a vote my way.

All you have to do is follow this link, click the circle beside Beating Myself Into a Dress and then scroll down and click Vote. Thank you!

So now – altogether – We’re heading for Veeeenus, and still we staaaaand tallllll …