Colgate Max White One

Colgate Max White One Optic

I READ about this over on All the Buzz and when I saw it on sale in Tesco I decided to give it a go.

The Colgate Max White One Optic claims to whiten your teeth visibly from the very first brush. It claims to have proven optic brighteners that temporarily make your teeth look whiter.

Over time then it progressively whitens more permanently but the ‘special blue foam’ starts to work straight away.


I don’t think it did.

Ah look, my teeth aren’t great at all, they badly need to be cleaned at the dentist but frankly I can’t afford it, nor can I afford the other things that I know he’ll find in there like fillings and caps and crowns that I’m sure all need to be done. I drink an awful lot of coffee now that I’m a mother (shut up, I need it) and they’ve yellowed with age and caffeine

So, until I scrape together enough for a proper cleaning I’m making do with brushing twice daily and a swoosh of mouthwash so when I saw this new product from Colgate I decided to give it a go, see if it could stave off the trip to the dentist for a while longer.

So this is my smile before using the new toothpaste:

Teeth before

Teeth before

And this is it after:

Teeth after

Teeth after


Yeah, pretty much exactly the same teeth? I didn’t notice any immediate difference now, though I stared in the mirror until I was almost cross-eyed, convincing myself that they were maybe a bit brighter? Maybe? But I dunno. Do you see it?

I lashed on some make up then to see if the addition of lipstick would make any difference, but again I couldn’t really see a difference.

With a little bit of lippy

With a little bit of lippy

I won’t dismiss it totally though as it does claim a whitening action with continued use, so I’ll give it a month and report back. I just wanted to test the claim of an immediate whitening effect.

Have you used this product? What did you think? Would you give it a go?