Cleanse Off Mitt – Colour Me Impressed!

The Cleanse Off Mitt

The Cleanse Off Mitt

I’M mad late to the party on this one, like that permanently late friend we all have who turns up days late to everything huffing about the traffic.

But anyway I’m here now (that M50, bane of my life) so let’s talk about the Cleanse Off Mitt - the cloth that claims to remove all make-up with just water.

I’d heard about this but was skeptical about the claims – make up needs something to remove it, I thought, water just won’t cut it.

Well, does anyone have a hat I could eat, because I was wrong.

I gave it a go last night with a full face of make-up, saturating the soft blue microfiber cloth in warm water as per the instructions and then wiping it over my face.

The cloth immediately became dirty with foundation removing every scrap. I rinsed it between sections of my face and more and more make-up came off.

All my foundation came off using the mitt

All my foundation came off using the mitt

It removed every scrap of mascara

It removed every scrap of mascara













I then wiped it gently over my eyes and piles of eye-shadow and mascara came off.

Determined to experiment fully, when I was finished cleaning my face I lashed a splash of Micellar water onto a couple of cotton pads and wiped them over my face, looking for any last vestiges of make-up or mascara. I was sure there’d be some, so unconvinced was I that the mitt would work. The cotton pads were clean, there was no make-up left on my face. The mitt had removed everything as you can see from these pictures.

No foundation here!

No foundation here!

Not a scrap of mascara left

Not a scrap of mascara left












Colour me impressed!

I’m wondering long term though if my skin would miss the nourishing that a cleanser brings – my usual cleanser has lovely cocoa butter and eucalyptus oil which leave the skin super soft and radiant which I’m very reluctant to give up. Over time I’m wondering if the mitt would be a bit drying.

Clean as a whistle!

Clean as a whistle!

But that remains to be seen, I suppose. For now I’ll certainly use it as part of my routine, probably in the mornings to freshen up and clean my skin after my night’s sleep. And for those lazy days where I can’t be arsed faffing about with cleanser and cotton wool, this mitt will be top of my list. I know one thing anyway, I’ll never use a facewipe again!

Available online from Beauty Emporium, the mitt is currently priced at €3.50.


**Product provided for review purposes.

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5 thoughts on “Cleanse Off Mitt – Colour Me Impressed!

  1. Fab review – I use my mitt all the time but I still use a cleanser every few days, just because I like the feel of using a cleanser and I have so many to get through!! But the mitt is brilliant for those days where you can’t be bothered and so much better than using a wipe!

  2. I have been tempted to buy this after reading so many good reviews, but I still can’t get the idea that it would dry out my already dry skin out of my head so I haven’t bothered. I can see the appeal though, especially as an alternative to face wipes in an emergency or after a night out, but for every day use the idea doesn’t sit well with me at all.

    • Yeah, I’ve only just started to use it and just wanted to review the fact that it does actually take off your make-up. But I would worry about the drying out thing too, I said that in the review, so I won’t be ditching the cleanser just yet as I think the skin needs to be nourished as well. But as a quick way to remove make up very late at night or at the gym or something without using horrible wipes, it’s great! It’s only €3.50 at the moment so would be handy to have one, even just for the late nights!

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